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Cream With Carmen

About Me

Hi Guys!

Hey guys long time no blog but I been so busy! Been working on getting my beach body back in shape ! Going to the gym is so much fun latley! Omg! I love having the dudes check me out and sometimes the girls do too! With spring break in effect I gotta look good! It's party time down here and I do plan on enjoying it to the fullest. Nothing like the warm sun and a cold beer!

Come keep me company in the evenings we can have a little phone sex roleplay fun, or if you just need a phone sex girlfriend with no strings to play with , hey it's all good! just dial 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Carmen!


Posted: 20:17, 2010-Mar-31
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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving my phone sex lovers!! I don't know about you but I really love the holidays spending time with family you haven't seen in a while. I know that I have a date for some dark meat! Yes I know that you guys who love seeing me with some bbc can appreciate my little joke there. Like "B" who loves me sexy and seductive.. always has a hotcuckold phone sex fantasy for us to get into. He loves the tease and denial phone sex that I give to him. B always sends me hisphone sex fantasy on IM before he calls. It always gets me so juicy knowing that I get to be such a teasing bitch for him!! Ok so I will be around for the holidays just not sure what time. If you see my AIM : CumNCallCarmen on you know I am available to take your calls or just check at to see if I am showing as available for your best bet! If you see me give me a call with your favorite phone sex fantasy.

Posted: 18:29, 2009-Nov-23
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For My Phone Sex Lovers
CLICK IT  CLICK IT CLICK IT CLICK IT!!!!Your wett phone sex chick swears it will make you feel better.. then when your cock is rock hard call me so I can make it juicy for you on your PHONE SEX FANTASY ask for Carmen 1-888-662-6482

Posted: 00:16, 2009-Apr-29
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You know you want some of me.. just like "L" did last night. He wanted me to do a hot prick tease phone sex session. And I did. I dressed up just the way he wanted.. then when he sat in the chair to watch me dance for him.. as I went behind him he didnt realize that i had a  pair of cuffs on the shelf  ready to keep him there. Then As our call went on I did many naughty things to him ... I even brought out my toys!! He was soo worked up and ready to be totally submissive to me the end he was licking my cunt and showing his grattitude before I had him doggy style fucking him with my strap on bringing out his inner bitch.. I knew it was there all along just by the things he said to me! Ah the fun I get to have!! Have you got a naughty fetish phone sex roleplay in mind? I bet you do.. Come give me a try ..Anything goes Just dial 1-888-662-6482

xoxo Carmen

Posted: 10:13, 2009-Feb-10
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Image Hosted by
 Yeah you know you want some... Im gonna be on for a bit tnite before I hit the town.. Come play ..anything goes
Dial 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Carmen

Posted: 12:48, 2009-Jan-30
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Golden Shower Phone Sex Fetish

Golden Shower Phone Sex  is one of my most requested phone sex roleplays, and I love to indulge you in this fantasy. I love being wet.. nothing like a warm wet stream to get you turned on! Men like to feel and tasty the salty heat that streams from me and they love to hear about how I piss on in my panties or in my tight jeans or sometimes right on their face! Oh and the way they tell me they want to clean me up gets me sooo fucking horny I sometimes cum instantly! I always enjoy having mutal masturbation phone sex on my calls and sometimes I can get off harder than you! I invite you to share your fetishes with me, so come , cream with me,Carmen!PhotobucketPhotobucket1-888-662-6482- $1.99/min with a 10 minute minimum

Posted: 10:15, 2009-Jan-27
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Merry Christmas

Nasty Boys you know you wanna spread these legs wide open and ram yourself in me and have me anyway you want me!! Oh yes my phone sex fiends you can have whatever you want!!! YOu fuckers know I am up for anything cus anything goes phone sex is what i love!!!Now cum n get me!!! Don't forget you can send me gift certificates to


Posted: 21:59, 2008-Dec-16
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Slick and wet

You guys realize that I am so fucking horny right now? My pussy is sooo fucking wet from a call I just had but sadly hes a short call and I just wanted to cum again and again. Do you have a nice fat cock and dirty little phone sex fantasy for me? Maybe you need to have me suck that dick for you or bend over and be a whore for ya.. Call me so I can make it juicy for you!Dial 1-888-Moan-4-u-2 ask for Carmen.. and check out my new fav song below

Posted: 18:25, 2008-Nov-28
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Nasty Gurl

Photobucket Yeah you know how that's you want me. On my back my high heels up in the air while you admire and worship my feet , my legs, and you know how I love to tease you with my body . You watch as I lick my lips and you wonder just how they would feel sucking up and down on that stiff dick now twitching behind your zipper. Its easy to find out all you gotta do is call for some hot phone sex . Pick up that phone and tell me all the dirty little things you want to do to me. Role Play , Age Play, GFE, Foot worship, pussy worship, panty boys, switch, strap on, small cock humilation,blow jobs, watersports, sensual seduction,Foot fetish, phone sex fetish, nipple play, spankings, enemas and more. Just tell me what it is that you need and I will be happy to take care of you!
 Starting tonite I want to see how many times I can cum in a week and I want YOU to help become part of my phone sex experiment.


Posted: 11:07, 2008-Oct-13
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   Hello I am Carmen and some of you may have seen me on my other blog 

 This blog is for me to post some of my favorite stories and some of my favorite calls that I have recived in the short time I have been working the phone lines. Hopefully you will have one or two to add to my collection!

 Now I Love  ALL Types of guys, but thosewith a shoe fetish and foot fetish its so much fun seeing all the naughty nasty things that a dude will DO to and WITH a shoe for pure pleasure.. and let me tell u.. Sometimes.. I get a mean streak with it *giggle*


Photobucket  Take this in to consideration , a pair of shoes like this.. oh you better be ready to be on your knees and please or these high heels just might walk all over you ..then again trampling may just be what you want by a tall beautiful goddess like myself. I bet you would even love for me to take my strap on to you as well.

 There is one guy that calls me that wants me to wear these red leather high heeled boots Photobucket



He loves to start at the tippy toes and work his way around the boot with his lips  kissing then slowly licking his way back till he sucks the heel just like a cock.. and let me tell you hes a good cock sucker too!He has sucked cock for me several times and I love the way it sounds. He also likes me to tell him how I would torture him , kick him and stand on him making tiny heel holes all over his body.Yeah hes a fuckin shoe freak but its soo much fun!


Now shoe fetish and foot fetish is'nt all I do, I enjoy several types of roleplay and phonesex All you need to do is tell me what sort of phone sex pleases you .If you would like to have a phone sex session with me all you need to to is call 1-888-662-6482 phone sex billed as DBMG Technologies | $1.99/min with a 10 min minimum


Stay Tuned for stories and links coming soon

Contact me to send me a story or make an appointment

YIM Cum_CallCarmen

AIM CumNcallCarmen



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Posted: 11:45, 2008-Sep-29
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